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A deteriorating mental condition can be disabling

The Social Security Disability list of impairments sets forth medical conditions that, if met by a disability claimant, generally qualify that person for disability benefits. Categorized by bodily system or function, the list includes mental disorders among the disabling conditions. One problem is that most California claimants suffer from conditions that do not precisely match up with the list's requirements. If that is the case, medical records must be evaluated to gain more specific information about the claimant's condition.

High court to hear SSDI arguments

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a case that addresses an important part of the Social Security Disability Insurance hearing process. The issue in the case, which is relevant in Social Security actions in California and across the U.S., is whether a vocational expert's opinion can be relied upon if the expert does not provide the data that led to his or her opinion.

A medical source statement can assist a disability application

People in California applying for Social Security disability benefits may want to do everything they can to bolster their applications. A medical source statement is a document created by a physician that helps to show an applicant's medical condition. It includes a number of factors, including the person's diagnosis and his or her capabilities and functional deficits.

Approval for Social Security disability without a hearing

Many Americans living in California apply for Social Security disability when they become unable to work. There are several stages of the application process. Most applications are approved after a hearing with an administrative law judge, but some are approved right away without a hearing.

Applying for disability with no medical records

California residents who are seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration are not required to have medical records on hand to file or qualify for disability. However, to make a determination about an applicant's benefits, disability examiners will need to have medical history treatment notes. For those who don't have the financial resources to visit a doctor, they may have to consult with local medical clinics to see if there are any that may assist individuals who have limited resources or no insurance.

Receiving a Social Security claim denial letter

Many people in California rely on Social Security disability payments to cover their monthly expenses. It is common for applicants to receive a denial letter after their initial application. In fact, the majority of claims are denied at the initial application level.

How an RFC form can help with a disability claim

Social Security disability applicants typically wait until they are no longer capable of working before they seek benefits. However, this is irrelevant in the ultimate determination of whether they are deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration. For initial applications, a sequential process is conducted by a California or other local claims examiner as laid out in the SSA guidelines.

Speeding up a Social Secrurity disability claim case

Many workers who become disabled in California file for Social Security claims every year. Social Security disability claims are controlled by federal guidelines and may be affected by how many cases are being filed in local offices due to heavy caseloads. Unfortunately, many claimants spend a long time waiting for their claim to be reviewed.

Heart attacks and Social Security disability claims

A California resident who has suffered a heart attack may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, the final answer isn't all that straightforward. The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers someone disabled if they are unable to work or obtain gainful employment for at least 12 months; or if they expect not to be able to do so for the next year for medical reasons.

Clarifying the definition of "disability" for SSD purposes

California residents who are unable to work may be allowed to collect Social Security Disability benefits if they meet strict criteria. For instance, they will need to show that their disabilities will last for at least a year or cause death. Furthermore, they will need to show that they cannot do any type of work because of a mental or physical condition.

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