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Relocation and disability applications

California residents who file a claim for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration will typically experience no repercussions from moving to another state after they have submitted their claim. However, they should make it a priority to notify the SSA as soon as possible regarding the change in their contact information.

Rules for filing a disability claim with Social Security

Few in California want to admit that a disability prevents him or her from gainful employment. But an illness or injury makes this an unavoidable situation for some. Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) are obtainable for those who cannot work, but can be a difficult task to be awarded benefits.

The nature of work performed is a disability factor

In the five-step sequential process for getting Social Security Disability Insurance, it first must be determined that a claimant is not engaging in substantial gainful activity and has a severe impairment. Many California residents who apply for SSDI benefits are denied because their impairments do not meet the Social Security Administration's threshold, which is required at step three of the process. At steps four and five, the nature and type of work previously performed becomes a factor, and it is not only the last job held that matters.

SSD benefits may not be permanent

Social security disability benefits are often awarded only after a rigorous and contentious process. Many California claimants are denied on the initial application and then again on the first level of appeal, reconsideration. Often, only after the claimant has appeared before an administrative law judge at the next level of appeal, the disability hearing, do the monthly payments begin. The good news is that in many cases back benefits are available from when the disability first began, but the bad news is that the disability award is not necessarily permanent.

Disability hearings are often important but short

People in California may think about and prepare a great deal for an upcoming disability hearing to appeal a denial of Social Security Disability benefits. After all, these hearings conducted before an administrative law judge provide the greatest opportunity for people to obtain the disability benefits they need and deserve. Despite all the preparation and materials that people develop for these hearings, they are often fairly short. Some disability hearings may take only 10 to 15 minutes.

Common errors that lead to disability claim denials

There is no guarantee that an individual in California or any other state will have his or her disability benefit application approved. However, there are steps a person can take to maximize the chances of that happening. First, an applicant should ensure that their doctor agrees with the decision to file for disability benefits. If that is the case, that doctor should include a statement that an examiner can use to evaluate how a condition impacts the applicant's life.

Expect long waits when applying for Social Security Disability

California workers disabled by serious injuries or suffering from debilitating or terminal diseases often seek Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The Social Security Administration will need three to six months to review an application's paperwork and medical records. Only about one-third of applicants succeed on their first attempt. When the agency denies benefits, applicants may appeal the decision, but the appeals process could take up to two years.

Benefit recipients may need to wait for their first payment

There are many factors that may determine how quickly a California resident may receive their disability benefits. For example, those who had their initial applications approved will generally get benefits quicker than those who were approved at a hearing. This is because an approval is not immediately sent for processing. Instead, the decision is created by a separate entity who then sends it to a judge for approval.

Severe impairment needed to receive disability benefits

People in California who are unable to work due to their disabilities may wonder what they need to show in order to be approved to receive Social Security Disability Insurance. The severity of a person's medical condition is one of the major components of a successful claim for benefits. It is the first issue taken up by disability examiners for the Social Security Administration when assessing a new application, especially when making a medical vocational allowance.

Appealing a denial notice for SSD benefits

When people in California apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the funds are often much-needed, especially as the applicant can no longer return to work. However, many people are denied when applying for SSD, especially at the first stages of the process. The majority of claims are denied at the first level of benefits application, and even more are denied under a reconsideration appeal. However, moving further in the process allows applicants the ability to present more information and strengthen their case, giving a higher likelihood of a successful outcome.

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