SSI Benefit Discontinuance

At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we regularly represent clients who have issues with an SSI benefit being discontinued.  These circumstances can be overwhelming to deal with and often involve thousands of dollars at stake. When clients are faced with these concerning matters, we can help.

When You Are Faced With An SSI Benefit Discontinuance

It may be that you received an inheritance or a gift, or perhaps you inadvertently converted an exempt asset to a nonexempt asset, for example by selling your home and therefore converting your exempt primary residence to nonexempt cash in your bank account. We can help advise you before, during or after a discontinuance. However, if you receive SSI benefits, it is much better to consult with an experienced attorney before taking any action that would cause your SSI benefit is discontinued. We can help with life changes, new information, change in circumstances or whatever you have questions about.

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