Trust Administration

At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, APC, we are proud to personally assist clients through the trust administration process. The issues are often complex and require expert knowledge and experience to effectively administer the trust assets.

At our firm, our attorneys have the skill to understand what legal remedies and options are available no matter the issue presented. We can advise clients every step of the way and will ensure that you get your questions answered.

Unique Approach To Complex Estate Planning Issues

Because our firm practices exclusively in complex estate planning and disability law, we frequently manage cases that fall outside of the "norm" in trust administration. We often handle complicated trust administration, including not-so-common assets such as guns and antiques.

We offer our services to clients who need us to work closely with real and personal property appraisers to ensure that the assets are valued properly. Our lawyers emphasize the importance of a careful approach and thoughtful strategy to every trust administration.

Sometimes there are issues with a trust where assets were not properly transferred to the trust during that person's lifetime. That is a common issue that we frequently encounter. We can prepare and file a Heggstad petition, which addresses the transfer of assets after the fact.

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